Can I Keep My Existing Gutters?

Most often we can install our covers over your existing gutters. We do a thorough inspection of your current home conditions and evaluate whether we can keep your existing gutters or whether new gutters are needed. To do this we analyze the following:

  • Are your existing gutters properly pitched
  • Are your existing gutters leaking at the seams
  • Are your existing gutters properly secured to the fascia boards
    • spikes and ferrules (the old method) are unacceptable fasteners
    • Inferior hanging brackets that offer little support
    • The wrong type of screws such as untreated wood screws or screws that are too small
  • Are your existing gutters too damaged or dented to allow for a good cover installation
  • Are your fascia boards in good condition
    • Can they properly grab a screw
    • They can be dry rotted or deteriorated and requires a visual and mechanical inspection
  • Do we need to clean out the inside of the existing gutters
  • Are the front face of your existing gutters stained and aesthetically unacceptable for you 

After an evaluation, we provide you with our assessment and options for re-using your existing gutters. Sometimes the cost of repairing your existing gutters, if needed, is not worth the expense and new gutters may offer a more long-term affordable solution.

If needed, we can install new high-quality gutters for you as part of our gutter guard installation.

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