A horizontal trough that is installed at the leading edge of the roof to capture rainwater from your house and direct it away from the home through the guttering system.

Leader / Downspout

The pipe (drainpipe) that connects to the gutter and carries the water down to the ground


A pre-angled piece of leader pipe used to angle the drain in a new direction

Outlet Tube

A molded piece of aluminum that fits the opening in the gutter and directs the water from the gutter into the leader

End Cap

A formed piece of aluminum that is installed at the end of an open gutter section. It is the same color as your gutter and is sealed to the gutter with a special silicone.


Aluminum molded bracket designed to clip into the gutters and attach to the fascia to support the gutter system.


A pre-formed gutter piece that is molding to fit into the corners. They make “inside” and “outside” miters.

Fascia Board

A flat board that runs horizontally along the edge of the roof at the eaves. It is installed to cover the edge of the roof rafters for a more finished look and provide a base to attach gutters.


The thickness or the gauge of the gutter is very important. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most consistent available. The gauges range from .019″ to .032″. The optimal thickness is .032″, so when buying aluminum gutters, insist on primary aluminum, which is the best.

Splash Block

A plastic or concrete pre-formed pad placed under a leader to spread and direct water away from the house and prevent soil erosion at the leader drain location.

Spike and Ferrule

A metal cylinder or tube is placed inside the gutter to strengthen it & keep it from bending. The spike is driven through the face of the gutter at the top, through the ferrule & into the wood fascia board. This is the old style gutters fastening system that have been found to fail over time.


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