How Are Gutter Guards Installed?

The installation process will vary depending on a number of factors including whether we are using your existing gutters and the condition of those gutters.

Once these factors are evaluated and confirmed the covers are installed according to strict installation protocols to ensure a flawless installation and well-functioning gutters.


If your gutters are to remain

  • We realign your gutters as needed to ensure proper pitch to the leader drains.
  • We clean all the debris from your gutters including any shingle granules.
  • We check all your existing fasteners to ensure that they are properly secured to your fascia.
  • If needed, we install new screws into your existing fasteners or install new fasteners that will better support your gutter and our covers.
  • Sometimes we just need to add additional fasteners to your gutter system because your existing fasteners are spaced too far apart.
  • Sometimes we need to add aluminum edging to allow water to properly reach the new covers. This is often the case when roofing is installed with an improper overhang or existing edging is missing.
  • If required and agreed then new gutters are installed in place of your existing gutters.

Gutter Guard Installation

  • We install new brackets as needed to properly support our covers
  • We install your new gutter guards and secure them to your existing gutters and fascia as appropriate.
  • We don’t install our covers above any existing layers of shingles but rather they will properly fit against the fascia trim and under the leading edge of your shingles.
  • We secure the covers at all the seams and ensure that the ends are fully encapsulated.

When we are finished you gutters are now fully protected against intrusion from leaves and debris and you can rest assured that they will function well for the life of your gutters.

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