I Do Need Gutter Guards, Now What?

The Process


The initial step is to come out to your home to do a comprehensive analysis of your project. This may sound overwhelming, but we have it down to a science. We move through the necessary evaluation quickly by assessing your property and asking you a series of questions.

Many homeowners state “they just need a price for so many feet of gutters or gutter covers.” In some instances that is all that is needed. Often, the little extra time that we spend understanding a situation yields additional insights and becomes a learning experience for homeowners. Quite often the scope of work is modified – sometimes more and other times less – compared to what was originally requested.

Some Things We Look At Are:

  • Condition of your Fascia
  • Condition of your Roof
  • Condition of your existing Gutters and Leaders
  • Conditions on the Ground
  • Surrounding Conditions such as trees, shading, orientation to the sun

Having this full picture helps us understand problems that you might be having. It may be that the existing gutters or covers were improperly installed and new properly installed gutters will solve the problem. We then summarize what we found and incorporate our findings into our recommendations. If you are interested, we then show you samples of the recommended products and describe how they are installed on your home and how it might be different from other products or installations. If you would like to move forward with our service, we then generate a detailed proposal that includes a diagram to help clarify confusing terminology.


We provide you with a detailed written proposal that often times includes pictures to help clarify the installation location or procedures. The payment terms are clearly indicated as well as the warrantee associated with the installation.

We guarantee our estimate to be accurate and you never pay more than quoted.


We then schedule the work. We keep you updated if there are any delays to the start date (typically because of weather) and always show up for guaranteed appointments. Installations are typically completed within one day and we clean your property of all work debris and remove any old material from your property on the same day. Upon completion of the installation, we then ask that you to inspect the work. If there are any concerns, they are immediately addressed.


Although you may now have paid for the completed installation, we are not finished. A member of the senior staff shall visit your home within one week to do an inspection. Our installers are TOP NOTCH. Even still, it has been our experience that even talented and knowledgeable people perform better when they know someone is going to review their work. We rarely find problems other than missed cleanup issues, but we believe it is worth the extra effort.


We will then schedule a follow-up site inspection in six months to check on the job and address any concerns that you may have forgotten to ask us sooner.

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