ArmourGuard Ice Gutter Guard for Ice Dam Prevention

Ice dams and snow can lead to extensive, costly damages to your home in the cold winter months. Now re-engineered for better performance and thermal transfer is the newly released ArmourGuard Ice®. The Only Four Season Roof & Gutter Protection® not only stops icicles and ice dams but eliminates leaves and debris from clogging your gutters.

Prevent Ice Dams with Heated Gutter Guards

Cold winter months come with accumulated ice and snow that can cause leaking into your home. Our heated gutter guards are designed to permanently eliminate this problem. We offer a range of different gutter guard options that are engineered to safely provide maximum heat transfer to eliminate any dangers associated with gutter buildup caused by cold weather.

Product Details

Melts icicles and ice dams

Includes a stainless steel mesh filter to stop the accumulation of leaves, pine needles, dirt, and debris

Installs on your existing gutters

Safe heat radiates throughout the aluminum support frame creating a warm micro-climate to melt the ice inside the gutter

Supporting anodized aluminum frame

Industry-Leading 40 Year Warranty

Keep your gutters debris-free with our gutter guard systems and stay worry-free with our 40-year transferrable warranty. Contact Weather Armour for more information.

40 Year Warranty Badge