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Roof Cleaning in Putnam and Westchester County

Have you noticed unsightly stains on your roof? Your roof may be growing algae, mold, mildew, lichen or moss. These microbial organisms:

  • Weaken the fibers of your roof and shorten its life span
  • May void your roof’s warranties or your homeowner’s insurance
  • May create a health risk for your family
  • Diminishes your curb appeal and resale value
  • Retains moisture that can create a variety of water problems in your attic

You should have a professional assess your roof condition. In most cases, a thorough cleaning will suffice. In extreme cases, repair or replacement may be required. Not sure of your situation and want a free, expert evaluation?

Algae and other undesirable plant life have been known to grow on a variety of roofing materials – including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shake, or slate.

Light pressure washing can be used to dispel matted dirt and grime. To combat organisms, we use special plant safe algicides that are applied directly to the roof surface and then gently brushed into the shingles. We allow it to sit there for a short period, enabling the product to break down the mold and algae. We then use a low-pressure wash to rinse the material from the roof. The entire process is safe for your roof shingles as well as human and plant life. As an added precaution, we soak your plants below prior to and after the roof cleaning to ensure that no algicide attaches to your plants.

Spores may be blown onto your roof from far away. Usually, trimming trees growing close to your home can decrease the likelihood of spores settling and reduce the number of branches or leaves clogging your gutters. Additionally, animals will not be able to as easily jump onto your roof the further branches are from your home. As we’ve discussed previously, clogged gutters are less able to divert water from your home. This poses a risk of mold, mildew, leaking, flooding or infestation to your siding, soffit, fascia, foundation, basement and topsoil.

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You should periodically inspect your roof so as to identify issues before they mushroom, properly budget for activities and file insurance claims in a timely fashion. Certainly, during catastrophic events, like the torrential downpours experienced in the Northeast, have a look at your overall roof. 

While your roof is being cleaned, talk to us about power washing your siding, driveway or deck.

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