What Are The Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards?

We have been installing gutters and covers for over 30 years and can emphatically state that gutters are ineffective without a proper cover. It only takes a few leaves to block the flow of water in your gutter. Once clogged, gutters:

  • collect water which strains your fastening system causing detachment from your house
  • have accelerated sealant deterioration, prompting the premature need for costly repairs
  • exacerbate ice damming in the winter
  • sag, allowing water to overflow from the front or back of the gutter
  • cause unsightly stains
  • rot and damage the fascia and soffits
  • fail to divert water from your house, causing foundation damage
  • splash against your siding, causing staining and water damage
  • overflow, causing soil erosion near your home
  • serve as attractive nesting material for birds and other rodents

Gutter cleaning is not a long-term solution – unless you clean your gutter monthly. Most cleanings allow for functioning gutters for about three weeks. Gutter guards shield your gutters and keep them working virtually maintenance-free. The long-term cost of installing gutter covers is far less than the frequent cleaning or accepted gutter ineffectiveness over the life of your home.

You typically recoup your cost within 3 years. Our covers:

can handle up to 15” of rain per hour, exceeding the heaviest rain recorded of 11 inches in one hour
are warrantied for 40 years with a LIFETIME no clog guarantee
are installed with a slight pitch to allow for debris to easily flow off
mount to the fascia thereby preventing the need to go under the shingles
Going under the shingles could cause damage, possibly voiding the warranty of your roof – this is a significant concern if your roof is older than 10 years.

Can I Keep My Existing Gutters?

Oftentimes, we install our covers over your existing gutters. But first, we will do a thorough inspection of your existing home. To answer whether you can keep your existing gutters or if new gutters are needed, we need to determine if your existing gutters are:

  • properly pitched?
  • leaking at the seams?
  • properly secured to the fascia boards?
  • too damaged or dented to allow for a good cover installation?

We will also need to gauge whether your fascia boards are in good condition. Other factors where we would recommend replacing over repairing your gutters are prompted by:

  • unacceptable fasteners such as spikes and ferrules (the old method)
  • Inferior hanging brackets that offer little support
  • improper screws such as untreated wood screws or screws that are too small
  • dry rot or anything else that could prevent a screw from properly grabbing
  • whether you are okay with stained gutters caused by previous water or debris accumulation

After an evaluation, we provide you with our assessment and options for re-using your existing gutters. Sometimes the cost of repairing your existing gutters, if needed, is not worth the expense. New gutters offer a guarantee and years of worry-free maintenance from water damage. We can install new high-quality gutters for you as part of our gutter guard installation.

We guarantee our estimate to be accurate. You do not pay more.

Gutter guards are more than a convenience from reduced gutter cleaning. Gutter guards enable gutters to effectively divert water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire year – thereby protecting your foundation, fascia, and siding. Fewer instances of stagnant water translate to your sealant lasting longer, reduced occurrence of mold and mildew, and less staining of your gutters. Fewer accumulated leaves or pine needles mean less weight on your system, lengthening its life. Less debris means less breeding ground for insects or vermin. A gutter system protects your home. Gutter guards protect your gutters.

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